Vivaldi's advanced settings

  • I really like the flexibility offered by the special settings page, [b]chrome://settings/content[/b]. Many users may not know that they can specify the sites on which they want to block or allow JavaScript, that they can view the zoom levels recorded for visited sites (one of my favorite features), etc. These advanced features, among others, are easy to use. They help make web browsing a less frustrating and more pleasant experience, so new users should be made aware of that special page, perhaps by mentioning it on the Help page. Something that good should not be hidden. I didn't know about it either until I ran across a list of Vivaldi URLs somewhere in the forum. I've now bookmarked the URL.

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    Well, these aren't Vivaldi settings, but Chromium settings. I agree it would be nice for people to know about them, but only if it's made clear that they are Chromium settings, and that they will, bit by bit, be replaced by Vivaldi settings that do the same thing, as these are written. Hence, one day a "chrome://" address may work, and with the next version, it may not - having been replaced by the equivalent Vivaldi function - and of course the faster this happens, the better, in my view.

  • Yes, I suspected that they weren't Vivaldi's settings when I mistakenly typed the URL with vivaldi:// instead of chrome:// . Oh, well, at least we can access them in the meantime, and if Vivaldi introduces its own equivalents, maybe they'll be even better.

    Who knows, maybe someday Vivaldi will have its own independent rendering engine. Then I'll stop seeing Google keys in my registry. 😉


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