My Vivaldi Experience so far

  • Hi there, I`ve been using Vivaldi for almost a week, and it sure is nice... I stopped using Chrome after installing Vivaldi... but, there are some issues, and they really do annoy me. Sometimes, browser simply restarts, well, not really, it decides to refresh all the open tabs... and sometimes, it simply dissapears...but processes are active... and another start of the app gets it back on... Keep it up, but do fix these issues cause, in long term, I cant live with that 😃

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    Perhaps you could state the Vivaldi version number and bit-width you are running (32 or 64), plus your OS and hardware platform, and any extensions you have installed.

    If anyone else reports symptoms like yours (and in over a year and a half of reading basically every single English-language comment here yours is the first such report I have ever seen), then perhaps the developers can narrow down what combination of factors is causing it. If they can't reproduce your symptoms on the test bench, it will of course be impossible to fix them.

    Note: even when bugs are not "fixed," they sometimes magically vanish in future versions.

  • Here it is:

    Vivaldi: 1.2.490.39 () (32-bit)
    Windows 10 64bit
    I7 970, x58, 12GB DDR3, Geforce 770, newest drivers…
    Extensions: AdBlock 2.59, Google Docs Offline 1.4, MAgic Actions For Youtube.

    And this happens on both PCs that I have installed it on

  • Try to disable all extensions (expecially the one from google) and give a try to the latest dev (1.3) to see if the issues still persist. And try also the 64 bit version (you have got 12 gb and I never had problem with x64 version)

  • Ok, disabled everything except AdBlock… so lets see ;9


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