New Themes: Tab Transparency

  • The new theming feature is great, thank you for adding it in! After the update however, unfocused tabs are just too dim. With certain accent colors its better (like dark grey), but with almost any color I can't see tab divisions, or more importantly, if a tab is stacked and which site is currently activated in the stack. Could a tab transparency setting be added to the themes page so we can control how opaque our unfocused tabs are? Thank you!

  • I agree. I'm using the Subtle theme with accent colors on windows and I find on some sites like, the tabs look almost totally transparent when I didn't even set them to transparent. I like non-transparent tabs, as it's easy to distinctly see them, and that light shade on each of them with accent colors on windows just looks really nice and modern then it does if it's all one slab of color.

    I've sent a bug report some days ago asking to have the non-transparent tabs look like they did in 1.2, and I'm pretty sure it's been acknowledged.

  • Yes, and Vivaldi team might put the bookmarks and downloads buttons next to search bar.
    Sorry for my bad English XD


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