Drag tab in between dual monitors to create a new window.

  • Hello! I've been using Vivaldi for a few weeks now and I really love it, I've always liked Chrome for their superior extensions over Firefox but I always have used Firefox because I could theme it completely black while I couldn't on Chrome (address bar always white), Vivaldi is a browser with the best of both worlds, it can be completely dark theme and it can run chrome extensions, there is only one thing that both Chrome and Firefox have which Vivaldi doesn't, at least I didn't found an option to enable something similar. Firefox and Chrome both allow users to drag a tab to create a new separate window for it and that enables the user to drag a tab to another monitor, try it yourself, open one of them and get two tabs open, now you can drag one of them out of the browser (other monitor if you will) and that will create a new window for the tab you dragged, on Vivaldi you can instead right click and select "Move to -> New Window" but this is a lot less convenient than just dragging, my question is, can this be enabled with an option I missed, is there an extension that does this or please can the lovely developers add this? Other than that, Vivaldi is the best browser I've ever used in a really long time. Thanks!

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    They will add it in due course because it is frequently requested.

    I honestly don't know, but I imagine that it would be complex to code so it might not happen as soon as you would like.

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    Jon (the Vivaldi founder) has instructed the developers to make this possible, as a top priority. They are currently undertaking a major code re-rewrite specifically for this purpose. No ETA, but it is a primary concern at this time.

  • Personally I don't consider that feature a top priority, but it is in the todo list.

    It should be around the corner or almost around the corner, so no need to ask. Just stay tuned and keep Vivaldi updated.

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