More Flexible Tiling

  • Right now you can only tile windows that are grouped together, and you can only view all of them. I feel like this is only useful in very specific situations, and I almost never use it. More frequently it is useful for it to work the way tiling file managers handle it, which is usually by letting you have a group of tabs for each tile. Then you can select any of those tabs. I almost never want anything other than just two tiles side by side. Occasionally it's nice to have three or four, but it's frustrating to be locked into specific tiling configurations without being able to easily change one of the tiles without affecting the others. For example, I might be writing an e-mail to someone while researching information for that e-mail. I will be switching between a variety of tabs to collect information, but all the while I would like to have my e-mail tab visible. However, I don't want every single tab to be visible at once. For the time being, I have to approximate this by adding my e-mail tab to the web panel, but this is not a great solution. It would be great to have two levels of tiling. Upper level tiling (maybe we should call these panes) would give you a set of tabs for each pane, and of course you can still group tabs together within each tab set. Then within each pane, you can tile grouped tabs if you so desire.

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    I don't understand what the problem is.

    If I tile two tabs (they don't have to be part of a stack), I can navigate in one without affecting the other tab. I can use the bookmarks bar, type in the URL field, or whatever. The other tab is not affected.

    I can add one or more tabs to the tiled group and close any tile when I have done with it.

    Resizing of tiles will come some time: it has been requested many times. Try tiling four tabs, then close one to get different configurations.

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    Tabs do not have to be "grouped" (stacked) to be tiled. You can select multiple tabs (ctrl+click) any place on the tab bar and tile them.

  • Sorry this is such a late response. I did not keep up with this forum.

    The problem is not that tabs have to be grouped to be tiled. The ctrl-click functionality is hardly different from having to group them. I don't know how to be any more explicit than my detailed original post which describes things that are impossible with the current functionality of Vivaldi. If you try out any file manager that has this feature (there are dozens), you will see what I mean. It's not about whether you can navigate pages in one tile without the other. It's that you should be able to switch which tab is represented in that tile without having to untile and retile with a different set of tabs.

    The typical way of tiling is having each tile have its own set of tabs. SpaceFM and XYplorer work like this. Each tab is either a left tile tab or a right tile tab (or top or bottom or whatever). Then within that tile, you can select any of dozens of tabs assigned to it without affecting the other tile, and tabs can be swapped from tile to tile via drag and drop. The idea is that you can shuffle around your view without websites being locked into each other.

    Some implementations have only one set of tabs, and you click on the tab while a tile is active. PCManFM works like this. Personally, I am more partial to the former method, but perhaps this method would be more in line with what Vivaldi devs are going for while still allowing more flexibility.

    As it stands now, you have to choose a tile configuration and stick to it. The only way you can swap out tiles is by untiling and retiling. This is very inconvenient.

  • I agree, tiling is very limited.

    Improvements would be:

    1. Tiling should allow tabs and groups of tabs to be re-arranged within the tiled areas.

    2. They should also allow new tabs to be added to a tiled area.

    3. I do not want to have to manually select two tabs to be tiled.
      Smart defaults for tabs to be tiled should be used; last-focused or recent-order, so that I can hit Ctrl + F8 to horizontally tile the current tab with the last-focused one.

  • Strongly agree with this one.

    Here is my attempt to describe how I would like to see it.

    • Suppose you have five tabs open, let's call them A, B, C, D and E.
    • Now we create a three-pane tiled layout of A, B and C.
      Let's denote the active tab (the window with the border around it) with brackets, e.g. A, B, [C]

    In the current implementation:

    • A,B,[C]
    • clicking on tab D
    • D

    What I want to be possible is to make that switch a swap operation between the clicked tab and the active one:

    • A, B, [C]
    • click tab D
    • A, B, [D]
    • click tab A
    • [A], B, D
    • click tab E
    • [E], B, D

    Adding a swap with active tab option in the popup menu and/or a mouse-click modifier would be a possible way of realizing this. Currently this is very hard to do. Besides swapping an add to tile would be nice too (e.g. to go from e.g. a 3 tile to a 4 tile layout).


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