Back/Forward Trackpad Gestures Not Working Properly

  • On my MBP (El Capitan 10.11.5), the only way I can get normal back/forward gestures to work is by click swiping with two fingers (instead of just swiping). In all my other browsers (firefox, chrome, safari, opera, etc) I only need to three finger swipe left or right to go back or forward. Is there a way to change this setting so I only need to use the three finger swipe like normal on my trackpad? Thanks in advance for any help. I'm really liking Vivaldi

  • It looks like Vivaldi only sort of supports the setting for System Preferences->Trackpad->More Gestures->Swipe between pages:

    • Swipe with three fingers simply does not work in Vivaldi
    • Swipe with two fingers sort of works, but it is ultra-sensitive so whenever you swiftly scroll down a page, you trigger history back accidentally. Even worse, it makes it impossible to scroll left on a page or within page elements
      (see here)

    To avoid those problems, I have now changed that system setting to three finger swipe. This took some getting used to and it means that I can't use the gesture in Vivaldi, but the gesture is currently not really usable in Vivaldi anyway, and now I can at least use it in other apps without creating those problems in Vivaldi.

  • It suddenly stopped working for me in one of the 1.3.x releases and it works in other browsers, including Chrome. It used to work so something got changed somewhere.

  • akiva, do you mean two finger or three finger swiping stopped working for you? Two finger swiping works well on the trackpad of my MacBook Pro with Vivaldi v1.3.501.6 and is no longer super sensitive.

    Do you also use the trackpad of a notebook? Or do you use an Apple Magic Mouse or other input device?

  • Two-finger on a MBP trackpad but it suddenly started working again. Not sure what changed or if it was after I had given the thing a reboot. It jiggles oddly when going back and forth but as long as two-finger swipe works for me, I'm happy.

  • I'm glad to hear that, akiva, and thanks for letting us know that it is now working for you.


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