Window bleeds over to second monitor after fullscreen

  • Hi, I reported this issue via the bug form several versions ago but it's still not fixed. Now I'm wondering if I'm the only one who has it or if it's a common issue? Basically the issue is that with dual monitors of the same resolution, after I enter and exit full-screen in the browser (via F11 for example) the window (when maximized) will bleed over to the second monitor with maybe 1 pixel or something. So if I have the browser window on my left monitor then it will show the right border on the right monitor... I don't know exactly how to put it into words but here's a screenshot. If you zoom in you can clearly see how the window is going 1 pixel to the right of the taskbar and even one pixel below. [img][/img] Again, anyone else with this issue? Can I solve it somehow? The issue is temporarily solved by closing the browser and opening it again but that gets annoying since the issue will come back whenever you go into full-screen again. I've tried a complete re-install which didn't solve anything. Edit: I understand Vivaldi can't fix every bug immediately but since it has been several versions now and no fix I'm starting to think that maybe I'm the only one with this issue? Edit 2: Just noticed it can also be solved by moving the window to a new tab since it basically re-initializes a new window without the border issues. This is in my case better than a restart of the browser since a restart of the browser will log me out of LastPass (which takes many seconds to log back in) but moving the tab to a new window doesn't log me out.

  • I have this issue as well. On Win 10

    I think it was mentioned elsewhere in the forums. So I don't think it's only a few people.

  • I'm also having this problem with Vivaldi 1.2.490.39 on Windows 10.

  • Same here, it's really annoying. Please fix it.
    You can temporarily fix it by enabling "use native windows" option in settings -> appearance.

  • I'm also still having a problem with this on Win10 64. It starts off fine after a restart of the computer (or update of the browser), but as soon as you watch a video full screen and exit it, the maximized window bleeds off into the second screen by a few pixels.

  • I too am having this issue, though it only appears to be a problem when I have the panel hidden, if I unhide the panel the 1pixel strip disappears, if I hide the panel then it re-appears.

    Running Win10 x64

    Don't generally run videos in fullscreen on dual monitor since when I do and click on something in the other screen the taskbar asserts itself over the bottom of the video.

  • I have the same problem. I use Vivaldi on my left monitor, so it bleeds to the right.

    Windows 10
    2x 1080p monitors
    GTX 1070
    Vivaldi: 1.4.589.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision: afa9b018e32575fcd8f8283755a315804ecf0671

  • I don't have such problem.

    I use actual multiple monitor which fixes a lot of oddities on native multimonitor support, but even with it disabled I have no problems.

    There where old problems dragged from some beta versions (they surfaced again just before the anniversary release), those where fixable using winaerotweaker and playing with the windows border and padding sizes, you may want to check if it helps.

  • Same here, it is really annoying, thinking about to go back to chrome 😕 win 10 x64

  • here is a screen.
    Vivaldi 1.5.638.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Did you try what I suggested above?

  • Thank, but i just want this problem to be fixed in Vivaldi, i dont wanna use any "tweakers", it is not a solution. I have not noticed such a problem amongst other browsers. So it have to be fixed.


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