Not playing flash on JW Player

  • For example: It plays an add before the video, but the actual video wouldn't start. It says it's using JW Player 7.4.2, and the error is "TypeError: Cannot read property "buffered" of undefined. So it suggests that something's wrong with the web's (or the player's) JS, however it plays well on other platforms I tested: Windows 10: Newest Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Edge. Lubuntu: Firefox, Seamonkey, Vivaldi, Opera* I have two laptops running Lubuntu (16.04 and 14.04), both are playing the videos on that website perfectly on FF and SM and on Vivalid!, both refuse to play them on Opera. On one of them I updated other packages, but videos still refused to be played. Then I downloaded Opera Beta, the videos were being played on Beta, and then somehow magically Opera Stable started playing them as well. Another Lubuntu with 14.04 still can't play them on Opera, tho as I said, it plays them on Vivaldi. Anyhow, it's not about Opera, tho the same problems with the same site have happened in the past, but it solved itself in some time. Right now the problem however is that Vivaldi doesn't play these videos on my Windows 10 machine, tho other browsers (including Opera) play the videos. I would also like to add most of the time I see error "cannot read property 'buffered' of undefined", but sometimes it says that some other property cannot be read. Also turning on/off the adblock doesn't change nothing, right now my adblock with Vivaldi is off, and it doesn't play.

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    Can confirm this "type error message" in Windows 10x64 with Vivaldi 1.1 Final and 1.2 Snapshot and Chromium 51.
    Video play in Chrome 50.0.2661.102 and Opera 37.0.2178.43 and Opera 39.0.2234.0

    Strange. I'll check some other JWPlayer site.
    On Vivaldi works with JWPlayer 7.4.2.

    I dont know whats going wrong on with Vivaldi.

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    Bug reported by me now as
    VB-17911 "JW Player video shows 'TypeError: Cannot read property "buffered" of undefined'"

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    Thats is a problem of misconfigured server or software on the site; it dont want a Chrome browser id.

    1. install extension Useragent Switcher from
    2. switch at the tv page to useragent Firefox
    3. page reloads and should work

    You need install the Flash Player 21 for Chrome (PPAPI) for Vivaldi to watch on the site.

    tested myself.

  • Thanks, it helped!

    Strange thing tho, I wanted to install the same extension on my Lubuntu 14.04's Opera, where just yesterday the videos were not being played, but today everything was fine from the get-go. Windows 10's Vivaldi however needed that extension.


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