Other Bookmarks?

  • When I import my Bookmarks, where does Vivaldi store the "Other Bookmarks" (Chrome)? Basically the Bookmarks that are not in the Bookmarks bar?

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    If you open the bookmarks panel you should find a folder named "Imported from Chrome."

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    If not there, check the Trash folder in Bookmarks (I've see reports of bookmarks being directly imported to Trash). If not there, it may be that you have to move all bookmarks you want imported from Chrome, into the bookmark bar in Chrome before you do so. I have also seen reports that for some people, those are the only bookmarks that Vivaldi finds to import, when importing from Chrome.

  • Yes but what I mean is this: Chrome as well as Firefox have two categories of Bookmarks. The Bookmarks Bar and the more traditional Bookmarks Dropdown (called Other Bookmarks in Chrome f.e.). Vivaldi doesn't seem to have this "Other Bookmarks" category. The "Other Bookmarks" seem to get imported though but I can only find them if I search for a specific one in this category. My issue isn't that I can't find MY bookmarks but the fact that Vivaldi is missing this whole category to store Bookmarks that are not in the Bookmarks bar.

  • There is still no way to see those bookmarks anywhere in Vivaldi. If someone doesn't know what I mean: http://imgur.com/a/yG0UH

  • There should be a folder "imported from" in the bookmarks panel (not in the Bookmarks bar).

    However, there was a regression (bug) see https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/vivaldi-browser/14065-bookmark-import-doesn-t-work-from-firefox-now

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    It's not difficult to show all of your bookmarks on the Bookmarks Bar. Just create a new folder named "Other »" or use the "Imported from Chrome" folder and rename that. Move one folder that you want to use as your Bookmarks Bar folder to the root, and your "Other »" folder can show the rest.

  • While this might work, I'm syncing bookmarks between Chrome and Vivaldi/Firefox constantly and that makes it impossible. I don't understand why Vivaldi doesn't implement the "Other Bookmarks" feature that the biggest two browsers on the market Chrome/Firefox use. Especially since it is based on Chromium.

  • Yes, looks like it's really impossible to sync bookmarks between Vivaldi and Chrome. I use Xmarks fo syncing.

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    @MaxA: I hate, and do not use, the "other" bookmarks category, and so I was able to sync between all three browsers using XMarks. ALL of my bookmarks (with the biggest share of them in a single drop-down folder containing sub-folders) are on the bookmarks bar, which is universally synced between browsers.

  • @Ayespy while this is great for you, this doesn't help at all...


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