Mouse cursor bug?

  • Normally the mouse cursor changes to be a hand with pointing finger when hovering over a link. However if I use a mouse gesture to re-load, go back, etc. then the cursor no longer changes on link hover: it stays as an arrow until I click on the link at which point it becomes a hand. It's quite difficult to spot this problem unless you're looking, but I notice it! Windows 7 64-bit, Wacom tablet.

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    Confirmed, but you don't need to click the link to restore the mouse cursor; clicking anywhere on the page will fix it .

  • Reported: VB-17919

  • I had this bug today, too!

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    Yes, that happens with mouse gestures.
    Not fixed, yet.

  • Still not fixed. :|

  • I have another bug with the mouse pointer but it's not exactly the same as described above. I have mouse gestures disabled but sometimes (I can't reproduce on demand) my mouse pointer icon hover stops working. So it will stay an arrow even when I hover over links or buttons instead of changing to a hand. Clicking sometimes corrects it, but sometimes also puts it into permanent hand mode again not changing on hover/unhover.

    The really annoying part is quitting and relaunching vivaldi doesn't fix it. I think I need to log out and log in to get it working again.

    Usually happens with videos so maybe related to entering/exiting full screen.

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