CTRL+S always trying to save the site

  • Hey there I got a little issue with vivaldi. I'm using cloud9, which is an online IDE and when i write a program on that site i want to use ctrl + s to save the file i'm working on. On Firefox this works like a charm, with Vivaldi i always get the new window pop up with save as dialog. Is there some way to change that default behaviour for certain sites ( not all). Cheers and thanks in advance

  • I have the same problem, too.
    However, it doesn't happen on Chrome & Opera, aren't these browsers using same engine?

    Or, preventDefault() function block somewhere in Vivaldi??

  • For now, change the shortcut for Save Page As.. to Ctrl + Shift + S.

    Later snapshots may solve this bug of conflicting shortcuts.

  • This bug still isn't fixed! This is a very easy bug to fix, come on Vivaldi get your game together!

  • FYI: simply changing the priorities will introduce exactly the same issue for instances where people don't want web pages stealing their shortcuts.
    This isn't 'very easy' at all to begin with, especially seeing how Vivaldi works on a technical level, and certainly not when the aim would be a fix that honours both the users who want richer web apps with their own keyboard handling and the users who have elaborate keyboard shortcuts and don't want to see those sabotaged by random web pages.

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