Can I disable space bar for automatically go to the next page?

  • I use the space-bar to scroll down the Web page. Google search results pages too. However, the space bar will automatically move to the next page in the Google search results page. This is part of the problem. I feel this is very uncomfortable. So I want to turn off this feature. Please tell me how to do. I apologize for my English. 😊

  • Moderator

    From a quick Google search there doesn't seem to be any way. In Vivaldi Settings you cannot assign the spacebar to some other command.

    I suggest getting used to it — all it takes is a quick flick of the write to GestureLeft and go back to the previous page.

    The feature is very useful in a Google Search results page, and elsewhere.

    Later, we may be able to edit mouse gestures to go to the start or end of a page, avoiding the need to use space bar for scrolling. Middle-mouse button scroll is another option that we already have.

  • I already use mouse gesture and backspace for that. :pinch:
    Thank you for read and reply. 🙂

    (English is too difficult. :pinch: )

  • Oh my god…
    This problem also occurs in other websites!
    I'm scared to press the space bar. 😞

    Please check this website. (Korean website)
    When website loading is completed, just press the spacebar.


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