Repeatable crash when restoring large sessions

  • Hi, first let me say that I love the Vivaldi browser and appreciate the work everyone is doing to make it great! I'm encountering a (repeatable) crash on OS X 10.11.5, on both 1.1.453.59 and 1.2.479.8 - I tend to open a lot of tabs (which makes me [b]really[/b] appreciate the "hibernate background tabs" feature) but when I have "Preferences->Startup with->Last session" selected, then I get beachball and crash on startup if I have >125 tabs open. By "crash", I mean SIGSEGV in thread 0 (KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000) which results in a "send report to apple" window. The more other processes I have open (non-Vivaldi related) the faster it crashes, which makes me wonder if it's a race condition or similar. Independent of what actually causes the crash, it seems like it's trying to restore all tabs simultaneously, to active status. It would be really nice to have an option to restore background tabs in hibernated state, so it doesn't clobber my system. I use the "session buddy" chrome extension to save/load sessions. Thanks!

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