Any Tentative Time-Period on the Portable-Version of Vivaldi?

  • Hello Folks! Its Good to find the makers of Vivaldi recommending the 32-Bit Edition over 64-Bit on the Download page. Any Idea on the Portable-Version as well? Help us reduce the Installation footprint by introducing the Portable-version soon! I'll be among the First to make this much awaited transition. Application Launcher---LAUNCHY offers an Incredible benefit to make the Portable Versions behave as if we are actually running the Main Installer version only. In the Catalog, Index the Folder, then Index the .exe file & you are ready to Go! No footprint of Installer files, No footprint of Registry Items....& just a singular .exe Indexed to the Application Launcher! Can there be a Better Permutation? Portable-version is keenly awaited..! 🙂

  • Hi,

    you can use normal installer to install portable version of Vivaldi. While installing:

    • Select Advanced installation
    • Choose Installation type: Install standalone = Portable

    Hint: If you can't change Installation type (greyed), change Destination folder first.

    Hope it helps.

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    There's no actual portable version yet, and Vivaldi does not issue time periods - not even tentative ones.

    You can install a standalone version as described by Stealth789 above, but it is not truly portable. It makes tracks in the registry.

  • Hi,

    I guess if you want to have really independent installation and you're in windows you can use Sandboxie to achieve it. I use Standalone versions inside specific Sandboxes, so it won't interfere. But I'm not sure what's your specific requirement. And sure it's only kind of workaround.

  • At the time vivaldi is tied to the UUID.

    So you can have a stand alone installation, but not a fully portable one.

    You will loose the passwords and most of the extensions moving the USB drive over another PC and also using it as a different user in the same PC.

  • @The_Solutor:

    At the time vivaldi is tied to the UUID.

    So you can have a stand alone installation, but not a fully portable one.

    Could you please elaborate?

    I'd like to run Vivaldi as portable application all the times.

    Also, I don't have any needs to use Vivaldi as my password manager. I have other tools for that.

  • Hi,

    standalone version is not fully portable. When you have portable application, you can simply copy/move it to other machine, and it keeps its settings and everything. Sure sometimes due to system integration few settings can be even in system registry and so on. For example if you'd like to have Vivaldi as default system browser. But all the information/settings are moveable.

    With Vivaldi Standalone version at lease passwords and extensions won't work this way. So even if you copy/move Standalone folder to other machine, you can't use these settings of Vivaldi.

    It's because Vivaldi intstall (even Standalone as far as I know) is bound with current system user / OS / machine (not sure what exactly is used, but specific unique ID for current installation is made by some of these values). So its not fully portable in its nature.

    As for passwords I also don't use passwords in browser. In some forums there was information, that it would be possible to export extensions (once). And I don't really got it, why are extensions bound to UUID, but it's fact.


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