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  • I just downloaded, set up and tried Vivaldi. There are so many features that I like and want but for one that is missing. I quite often send links to articles on web pages to friends through my email (Mail for Mac) and am disappointed that this feature isn't included in Vivaldi. If and when an email link is available I will definitely make Vivaldi my default browser. (or is there one that I can't find?) Actually, I am going to use it exclusively in spite of no email link because I like it so much. 😉

  • This topic as it's not just a Mac issue. So, it should be directly under "Vivaldi Browser", Posting it there should elicit more interest and response.

  • I can't recall where I originally found this information…to be clear though, it is not my solution, as I just picked it up off the internet somewhere.

    Create a bookmark that has the following as the link:

    When you want to send a webpage link via email, just select the above bookmark while you are on the page you want to send.


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