How to delete (wrong) 301-redirections?

  • I defined on my website a (wrong) 301 redirection in my htaccess-file. I visited my site with the Vivaldi browser and I was redirected. After the correction of my 301-redirection Vivaldi still redirects to the old (wrong) target. In another Browser my changed redirect is ok. I found no way up to now, to get the actual redirect with Vivaldi. I'm quite sure, Vivaldi stores the 301-redirection in a cache and my htaccess-file is never rechecked by Vivaldi (that's no error, I can agree to this behaviour). But I'm looking for a manual way to delete this redirect value. I tried to delete the wrong 301-redirection via Tools->History->Clear browsing data.But it didn't help. Is there another way to delete or execute a new analyze of the htaccess-file?

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    Which Vivaldi version, on wich OS?

    That looks like a caching problem.
    If you clear the Vivaldi cache, the redirect should go to the new address.

    I dont know which Cache settings (f. ex. http header fo Expires etc) your server has.

    You can inspect such redirects after starting Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I) in tab "Network".

  • Uuuu, when I posted the question I thought I forgot something:

    OS is Windows 7.

    The hint with the development tools was good:

    Status Code:301 Moved Permanently (from cache)

    I deleted now my complete cache (including the Cached Images and files) - now my redirection works OK again.

    I thought redirects should be part of Cookies and other site and plugin data

    Sorry, my fault. Thanks for the help.

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    Please check your server settings about Caching and its http headers.

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