[Mac] How to get Vivaldi to run on the version that you need!

  • Hello! I'm really impressed with the browser! It has a big future! As I'm running OS X 10.7.5 and I couldn't install the browser (my Mac OS X is too old 😕 ) I wanted to find a way to bypass that! And so I did! I wanted to share this information to the community so the people that have the same problem as I do, could use the browser. 🙂 I hope this will help! Now let's get n to the tutorial. [b]Step one: Check your Mac OS X Version:[/b] Do so by pressing the Apple logo on the top left corner and [b]About this Mac[/b]. You should see this kind of pop-up: [img]http://i.imgur.com/34WxIa1.png[/img] Under the Mac OS X you can see the version. In my case it's 10.7.5. [b]Step two: Download and install the Browser.[/b] You will now have to download the browser and install it, [b]but[/b] do not open it! [b]Step three: Make the application compatible with your Mac![/b] Now go to your 'Application' folder (Finder -> Applications) and find the browser, right click on it and select 'Show package contents'. Now go in the 'Contents' folder. Select the 'info.plist' file, copy and paste it to the desktop. Re-name the original file 'info.plist' to another name (Preferably infoOLD.plist), now go to the 'info.plist' on the desktop and right click on it. Hover over the 'Open with' button and select a text editor (I'm using "TextEditor" (Yes, It's called like that, but it's not the Text editor that comes pre-installed)). When you're in the file press CTRL + F to search for the thing we are going to change. In the search bar, type: [b]LSMinimumSystemVersion[/b] . Under that you should see this: [code]<string>10.7.5</string>[/code] [b]the version wont be 10.7.5, I've replaced it with the one that I need.[/b] [b][u]NOTE:[/u][/b] If it says the file is locked, just press the unlock button, that is the reason we had to copy it to the Desktop. (If your text editor for some reason does not allow you to unlock it, use another text editor. Replace the version that you have, in my case I replaced it with 10.7.5. [img]http://i.imgur.com/pDJFCio.png[/img] Now save the file. After saving the file, paste the file from your desktop back to the Contents folder. Delete the 'infoOLD.plist' and let the new 'info.plist' stay there. [b]Last step: Check if it works![/b] In my case it works, as I am writing this post while using the browser. As far as I've used it, it's great! Thanks for reading, hope it solved your problem. 🙂 -OskarsC


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