FEATURE REQUEST: Colors and Reordering Stacked Tabs …

  • Really like the stacked tabs feature. For my web development work, I'll be working with a local version of a server, a GitHub fork version and a DEV server and I'd like to keep links (tabs) to a set of these in one stacked tab set, which I can do. I really like how the tab and frame around the window consumes the color of the fav.ico image file. So for these websites, I've created different colors for these icons (red, yellow, blue) for the respective environments. Weird thing is not all of the images are rendering, but the colors are being picked up. However the color is very helpful and I think it would be very helpful if these colors could also be displayed in the stacked tab (right now they all show up as grey). Also if we could move these tabs in the stacked tab frame around to reorder (say, move the localhost to first position, fork to second, DEV server to third) that would be very useful. Thanks for a great product. jim Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/80400/ScreenShot2016-05-05at9.19.17AM.png[/img]

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