Oddly Specific Sidebar Question

  • Hi all, I've been using Vivaldi as my primary browser for a few weeks now. In general I love it, and aside from a few minor quibbles here and there I don't have any problems with it. Well, I'm here to address one of those minor quibbles. I have 17 sites stored on my sidebar, 3 of which are Etherpads that I use to collaborate and chat with others. Frequently I'll have one open so I can keep track of the chat while I'm doing other things on the Web in the main window. I'm noticing now that every once in a while I'll open it up and I apparently appeared online during a time where the sidebar was closed, because people were greeting me to no response. Fortunately I'm not just appearing online any time my browser is open, but every once in a while someone will think I just got online when I didn't. For obvious reasons, I would prefer not to be randomly logged on while the sidebar is closed. Will hiding the sidebar completely via the bottom left button solve it, or is there some other method to make the sites always closed out when the sidebar isn't extended? Thanks guys!

  • It's just opening a webpage, so the "online-ness" is purely down to Etherpad's website and has nothing to do with Vivaldi.

    I would guess that as long as the page is open, the site will flag you as online… and the page will be open whether or not the panel is visible in Vivaldi - so you are probably always "online" when Vivaldi is running.

    (Unless the site has not yet been loaded - I imagine if you start Vivaldi with the panel closed it will only load the page when you open the panel for it.)

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