Keyboard shortcut conflict in some "web app"

  • I noticed a few keyboard shortcuts conflicts in some web applications. In Google Docs, for instance, pressing Ctrl+F will cause both the GDocs and Vivaldi search boxes to appear and use only the Vivaldi's one. For comparison, pressing Ctrl+F in Chrome triggers only the GDocs search box when in a google document. I know a workaround would be to remap Vivaldi's shortcut for the search box, but this is not restricted to the Ctrl+F combination or Google Docs, so I was wondering if there were an option somewhere that I missed to avoid such "conflicts" in keyboard shortcuts. In advance, thanks for your help!

  • Moderator

    There's now a shortcut to disable shortcuts. Use that when you visit such pages that need shortcuts, then toggle it back on again when you leave the page.

    You can find the command in Settings, Keyboard, Page, Disable keyboard shortcuts.


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