IP Leak - Is Chrome extension WebRTC Network Limiter fully functional?

  • Is the Chrome extension WebRTC Network Limiter fully functional as it is in the Chrome browser? See https://ipleak.net/

  • Hi,

    I tested it in Windows 7 x64 on versions 1.1.453.52 (Stable channel) (64-bit) and 1.1.453.45 (Developer Build) (64-bit) here -> https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/vivaldi-browser/10720-content-settings-and-advanced-privacy-settings#58547. So with correct settings it will hide your local IP address at least.
    But for sure still it won't disable WebRTC completely, and it's questionable how it will work in any future version of both Vivaldi and Chromium/Chrome. And we can really feel much more safe only if it's disabled as part of native Vivaldi Settings completely.**

  • For what it's worth, uBlock has a WebRTC IP leak limiter which I've found to work fine. If you use an ad-blocker, switch to that one.

  • Hi,

    I knew about uBlock Origin WebTRC protection (Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses), and had it checked from the start. But unfortunately It didn't work at my home network in developer release in few tests. Only after I installed extension WebRTC Network Limiter and use correct setting, IP was not detected. In current network it's working even w/o WebRTC Network Limiter. So I'll try some thorough test when I come home on clean Standalone verions. And then add comment afterwards, because it would be much better not to need another extension.

    Still it won't disable WebRTC completely. All of these are just workarounds. Not real safe solution though.

  • Hi,

    so I tried few more test. Here are some results:

    1) WebRTC Network Limiter has priority over WebRTC settings of uBlock Origin. This was problem in few of my last test. So if you enable WebRTC in WebRTC Network Limiter with option "Give me the best media experience", it will reveal your IP address no matter what is checked in uBlock Origin

    2) uBlock Origin will hide "only" local IP address. So if you're using proxy, VPN, … still your public address will be revealed! Also it's what setting says "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses". And of course according to 1) only in case, that WebRTC Network Limiter is not installed.

    3) So in my opinion, when considering security of WebRTC, the best option is to use WebRTC Network Limiter with option "Use my proxy server (if present)". This way also my real public IP address was undetected by WebRTC.

    Sites used in tests:


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