Improve window frame support for Aero Glass, to work with custom themes

  • Vivaldi seems to be really customisable with the interface. I've made some 'proof of concept' basic adjustments to it to better suit a Windows 7 environment however I'm a bit stuck. I can't remove the background colour of the entire application. Would it be possible to have Windows expose the Aero Glass flag behind Vivaldi? By default everyone would still have the interface they do now, but it would allow theme developers to set the browser's background transparent/none and have that top bit of the interface be sitting on top of Aero Glass. In Windows 8 and 10 this would result in the solid theme colour of the OS (unless the user has something like Glass8 installed) Here's a screenshot. [img size=400][/img] Top-left is a 'proof of concept' adjustment to Vivaldi (the blue is where Glass should be), bottom-left is Vivaldi by default, bottom-right is Vivaldi with everything possible removed (to demonstrate that the application has some sort of white background hardcoded somewhere), and top-right is Chrome for comparison. I know the Aero Glass design feels outdated now for a lot of developers, but if you are seeing the Aero Glass design then you're either using 7 (which at this point is a conscious decision) or you've installed Glass8 in 8/10 because you like it.

  • My personal POV (not necessarily shared by the devs) is that, while I like a lot bigmuscle's work and aero glass, if used on a less baroque theme than w7 one, vivaldi just don't need it.

    On default settings it's a decoration less program, there isn't any title bar, and it's UI is self consistent.

    That said a theming support will be welcome, and surely it will come as Vivaldi evolves, but I think that any support for the underlying windows theme should be limited to the topbar alone, if the native windows setting is chosen.

  • Even top left without "tab area" should be sufficent when glass is enabled/supported via system/aeroglass.
    More glass I think can bring an incoherent UI. I'll simply stop to the "title bar" area both in native/non native mode via a specific option for that

  • Vivaldi's UI is different from other browsers.

    To put it simple is a web page shaped like a browser, that has many advantages, practically most of Vivaldi is identical in Windows Linux and MacOS and requires less development time, but has also some small disadvantages, one of them is the interaction with the underlying operating system.

    So very likely when theming will come we will get transparencies, but not the native ones from Aero, or from Linux composting mangers.


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