Exit Settings dialog with Esc key

  • This is probably just an oversight, when you are in the Settings dialog the only way to exit it is either by clicking on the X button, or by Alt+F4, none of which are the expected method of exiting a dialog for power users, Settings was the first thing I opened after installing the browser, and I was actually quite surprised that Esc didn't work. I believe Esc is the expected hotkey and should be added to the list.

  • Moderator

    i was going to say that that might make it hard to assign the Escape key to any commands, but that's pretty much impossible anyway. If I delete the default key for "Stop loading" I still cannot assign Esc to something else.


  • This was annoying me too, I didn't find a solution.
    HOWEVER Using the setting : "Open the settings in a new tab" , and then pinning the tab did the trick for me!

    I know not a solution, but a temporary workaround



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