Netaddress email bug

  • :blink: I have an old email account that uses Vivaldi will not reply to emails properly. I can send an email; it correctly sets up the new browser tab and mail is delivered. It will not respond to emails. It crashes the new tab. Sometimes this happens at the beginning of the reply, sometimes on the send. It may generate a crash message, or just generate a blank page. Lately I'm only getting blank pages, which I guess is an improvement.

  • Try clearing you cache/cookies/site data; sometimes those files can cause some issues….. 😉
    However, I'm not 100% sure about this, because I do not have a netaddress account and therefore I am not able to test it..... :dry:

  • No joy. Still goes to a blank page. Strange, the crash page was the most common response for any new tab request from a current page until recently.

  • The update to version 1.1.453.47 resolved this bug.


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