How do I watch bbc iPlayer?

  • Hi Folks, I asked ages ago why I couldnt watch channel 4 4OD and was told it was due to DRM but I thought and the iplayer didnt use flash or DRM. Is there anyway to watch the news clips on and iPlayer using Vivaldi? Thanks Class--

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    No problem here. You just need the right Flash pluginin

    Opera, Chromium-based browsers - PPAPI

  • Ahh, I obviously had the wrong flash installed. I use Firefox as default and had just clicked download when I should have clicked "Need Flash Player for different computer?" and selected Opera and Chromium - PPAPI

    Thanks Pesala


  • Hi. It's true: Not all videos format runing.

    The FlashPlayer tests go well. But many videos cannot see.

    Give us a link with the correct plugin you say

    Thanks in advance.

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    Get the PPAPI plugins (Don’t install the PUPs)


  • Our general problems would infinitely be solved if everyone would just step away from Flash and onto better things - and one would think the BBC would be smarter than that. Sadly, I doubt that's going to happen any time soon. I had similar troubles when I switched to Vivaldi as I didn't have the PPAPI version installed - I'd let the version that came with my old Masters Collection go and strangely it's not as fantastic.

    I do sort of which that they'd make PPAPI more of an up front option as well, or at least more of a "Hey, if you're having trouble, you should select this instead", without people having to go to Google or a forum to find out.


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