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  • This might be the deal breaker for me with Vivaldi atm. To my knowldege, "Always on top" is a feature that's built-in to Windows itself, but not exposed to the user by default. I've been using a small application called [url=http://dm2.sourceforge.net/]DM2[/url] for years, which adds the "Always on top" option to the menu when I right-click on a window title-bar. While this works with Vivaldi to the extent that that option is shown in the menu, clicking it does nothing, and the window will not stay "Always on top". I believe that this is due to Chromium's security paranoia, and whatever sandboxing it is they're doing ? And while I'm fond of a little security paranoia, in this case it's rather irritating. I discovered that Chromium has this "Panels" feature, but accessing it seems rather awkward, and even then the window will only stay "Always on top" in the single position in the bottom right of the screen, which I do not find usable. Is this something that Vivaldi could provide feature support for, or is it a feature that Chromium just makes almost impossible ? I use "Always on top" with my browser windows almost every day, mostly for Netflix and YouTube, and not having it is a real issue to me.

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    This looks like a legacy app for Windows XP and Vivaldi/Chrome has dropped support for XP.

    DM2 is tested on Windows 2K/XP. All archives and binaries are ad-free and virus-free.

    Powermenu, which I used to use is also Windows XP/Vista and development has stopped.

    I suggest submitting a Feature Request via the Bug Wizard for this.

  • Try using Vivaldi's "native windows" setting

  • @Pesala:

    This looks like a legacy app for Windows XP and Vivaldi/Chrome has dropped support for XP.

    I use Windows 7 64bit, and DM2 still works fine to pin Opera 12 "Always on top".
    This isn't about support for XP, mentioning that I use DM2 is only incidental, and I'm sure there are other newer applications that provide the same access to the "Always on top" feature.
    The problem is that Chrome prevents it being applied to it's windows externally in this way.

  • I use FileBox eXtender and with "native windows" setting 'on' it works with vivaldi. It also works in Opera 36.
    Win7 x64.

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