Can't open java applications in windows, Vivaldi always downloads a .jnlp

  • Pretty much the title. Whenever I click on a link, that should open a Java window automatically(it does so in Fire/Waterfox), Vivaldi instead downloads a jnlp file, which I have to open manually. My download folder is sometimes full of those files, and I can't seem to resolve this problem. Google showed me that this has been a problem with chromium some years ago, but apparently was resolved in a later revision. Since I couldn't find any threads about it, I believe this isn't a widespread problem for Vivaldi. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Edit: I should clarify that Fire/Waterfox also downloads a jnlp file of course. But the difference is that fox asks me once, if I want to save the file or open it, and after selecting "open", continues to open the files directly, while downloading the files into the temp folder, as opposed to the download folder.

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