Back button has problems on Ars Technica site

  • When I don't get the dead bird, the Back button does not seem to work (it looks more like a refresh). Sometimes it will work after 4 or 5 clicks (if I don't get the dead bird before that). E.g.: On the main site, I click in a story, then try back from there.

  • Moderator

    Works for me with 1.0.435.42 on Windows 10x64.

  • It is not perfectly consistent (i.e. it will sometimes work), but it fails most of the time for me on Windows 7x64.

    Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 () (32-bit)
    Revision 575538bc320e213510be1e66f3521382e615129d
    OS Windows
    Blink 537.36 (@575538bc320e213510be1e66f3521382e615129d)
    JavaScript V8 4.9.385.33
    Flash 21,0,0,182

  • I just observed that it happens most when I stay on the page of an article for a while. Then the "back" button list gets filled with my current page as if I followed many links to the same page. I did not dig in the page code, but I suspect some auto-refresh is running afoul of Vivaldi's logging of breadcrumbs.
    Also, if I manage to go back, I sometimes get a dead page (no links active, nothing alive), and I have to do a refresh.


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