Cant install IDM extension

  • Steps: Delete IDM 6.25 extension <- i accidently deleted this Drag and drop IDMGCExt.crx from C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager to Extension page. Install and refresh, there is still no IDM. I heard that Chrome blocked IDM extension now. Currently i am using 6.17 modified version from Although im using this, but i cant download from youtube or any music sites, there is no download panel show up. Im sticking to firefox for now. Vivaldi is chromium. Then you must fix all chrome sh*ts to be success. And that takes too long.

  • well this is chromium and there're some little things we can do about it
    I'm using idm 6.23 and idm can catch download links in Vivaldi, however no use to media content
    to get around this you can consider this extension to get media files: (just go to this links, follow the instructions, works very well for me)

  • Thanks for your comments and sorry for the troubles you encountered with IDM. Does the following fix the issues you're having?


  • IDM extension doesn't work with the latest Vivaldi browser either (32-bit or 64-bit). It works fine in Chrome. I know how to do the integration, but to no avail yet.@hung11

  • @Dietrich It's working well here! Windows 10 x64, latest version of IDM. :relaxed:

  • I am using IDM version 6.27 Build 2 on the very latest Windows 10 64-bit version@Dietrich

  • @Dietrich said in Cant install IDM extension:

    I am using IDM version 6.27 Build 2 on the very latest Windows 10 64-bit version@Dietrich

    After re-installing Vivaldi version twice, IDM still doesn't work. It still works fine with the latest Chrome version.
    But not to worry, I downloaded the freeware "Download Accelerator Manager", which works fine for YouTube. No integration needed.

  • The latest Chrome version (Feb. 2017) does NOT block the IDM 6.25 or 6.27 extension.
    The latest Vivaldi (Feb. 2017) still DOES.
    That's all I can say from here, but each PC is different and who knows what other factors play a role.
    Meanwhile you can use "Download Accelerator Manager" which works fine and doesn't need browser integration.

    But I agree it is irritating that IDM still won't work.
    Other than that, I still prefer Vivaldi, because it is very pleasing to the eye and runs smoothly. No real problem here in version 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on Feb. 18, 2017.

  • @Dietrich

    Like I have posted before, IDM works fine now, provided you configure it correctly.
    It is even easier now, see screenshot, which speaks for itself.
    Just 2 clicks now.

    0_1488446044967_Use IDM in Vivaldi.jpg

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