1Password Extension for Vivaldi for Mac

  • is there a browser extension for 1Password Manager? When I go to the 1Password website, it only shows web browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox & Opera. https://agilebits.com/onepassword/extensions

  • Use the one for Chrome. Since Vivaldi is based on Chromium, almost all Chrome extensions work out-of-the-box in Vivaldi. There are some exceptions (such as Save to Pocket) that don't yet; 1Password works great, though.

  • Vivaldi support Chrome extension. So, I think 1Password extension for Chrome is work on Vivaldi. But 1Password "app" is not work. Because not support Vivaldi. But 1Password "Beta app" is work (support).

    How to add 1Password to Vivaldi? « Vivaldi Help

    Official 1Password Twitter's tweet about Beta app

  • Thanks akiva. Will do.

  • In my experience the beta extension isn't working either, it comes up with an error saying there is an invalid code signature when you try to fill in a password.

  • Works for me. However, this very morning I was offered to install an update which might have solved any issues you had, so try it out 🙂

  • Hey, you should Signature Check in 1Password. Then it works.

  • Thanks. That worked. I unchecked the signature checkbox and its now working.


  • Requested screenshot of preference that you need to change. The option is the 'Web Browsers' one and uncheck 'Verify Browser Code Signature' if it is checked.

  • AgileBits just released 6.3 (today, I think) that, according to the release notes, officially supports Vivaldi.

  • I'm not able to use the 1Password extension at all (I've unchecked code signature). I keep getting this message:

  • AgileBits (1Password Developer) announced that 1Password for Mac ver.6.3 support Vivaldi. ↓↓

    AgileBits Blog:1Password 6.3 for Mac: The Passion Project

  • I already had mine updated when I posted. I still can't use it. Works just fine on other browsers.

  • That's weird. 1Password has always worked well with Vivaldi on my Mac (when verify code signature was turned off), and the new version now works well with code signature verification turned on.

    Have you tried restarting your Mac? Also, have you tried clicking on the "I've already installed the app, why isn't this working" link? Maybe reinstalling the browser extension would help?

  • Yes I've tried all those things. I actually learned of Vivaldi because of the 1Password update, so I have not tried any prior versions at all.

  • I would then try posting about the problem on the 1Password support forums. There, people are much more knowledgeable about how the individual components of 1Password (i.e., the app, the browser extensions, and 1Password Mini) communicate with each other and what certain error messages can be caused by.

    Now that Vivaldi is officially supported by 1Password, I am sure they are both happy to help and interested in any problems that may occur. Once the issue is solved, it would be great if you could report back here or link the thread so that anyone else who happens to experience the same problem knows what to do.

    Actually, it looks like that "Looking for the 1password app" message is something that other people have experienced before with other browsers. If you search for that error message, you get a bunch of results.

  • I found the culprit. For some reason Vivaldi does not like GlimmerBlocker, so the connection with 1Password doesn't work. I found that odd because it was never an issue when I installed the extension on Safari, Firefox, or Chrome previously.

    Not only that, but if I disable it so it connects properly, then reenable it, it will be blocked again in Vivaldi, meaning the only way I can keep using it would be to leave it disabled. I'd really hate to do that just for this one extension, and I'm not sure which software developer has the means to address this.

  • That's interesting. I would think that the GlimmerBlocker author(s) would probably be the best party to talk to about this, as they have the best understanding of what actually gets blocked by their program.

    It is my understanding, though, that GlimmerBlocker was originally developed for Safari, because Safari has relatively limited support for extensions compared to Firefox and the Chromium-based browsers. In Vivaldi, you can use what is likely the best content blocker currently available: uBlock Origin.

    Not only can you use it to block ads, it also lets you block user tracking, malware domains, EU cookie notices, etc. so that you don't need separate extensions for those things. At the same time, uBlock Origin is very light on your Mac's resources.

    I personally have always preferred browser based content blocking anyway (instead of system-wide blocking), because then you can just open the 2 or 3 web pages that get broken by the content blocking in a different browser and you don't need to temporarily deactivate the blocking.

  • I guess the main reason I wanted it was because it would actually block ads in video games where 3rd party servers display them. But as for browsing I use uMatrix to block all kinds of scripts, frames, cookies, etc. anyway. I'll see if there's a way to add an exception, and if not then I'll just leave it disabled.


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