Working Extensions for Vivaldi

  • This is what im using currently: Adguard: block ads Tampermonkey: userscripts Session Buddy: manage sessions better than default one. Lastpass: cant add new site atm, others work fine. uMatrix: block a lot of things, i think this help with vivaldi slow loading. RightToCopy: enable right click on sites that disable it. Lightshot: take screenshots. And a translate extension which is up to you.

  • Lightshot is working now? thats so great 🙂 Thanks for the share 🙂

  • here's my list (working on the latest version of vivaldi):
    ublock origin
    violent monkey
    pop-up blocker pro
    Search by Image (by Google)
    Magic Actions for YouTube
    note: IDM can be integrated into Vivaldi using idm extension module (it works in my case)

  • Adguard AdBlocker 2.3.8
    Dark Skin for Youtube™ 1.3.34
    Diigo Web Collector - Capture and Annotate 3.3.28
    Google Keep - notes and lists 3.1.16303.99
    Grammarly for Chrome 8.670.558
    IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating 3.39
    Lunapic Right Click Edit 1.0
    OneNote Web Clipper 3.1.8
    Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized 8.2

  • Thanks Guys this was very Nice
    I have added some extensions from your List


  • Hi.

    So I'm trying to get Vivaldi working as Firefox and here is what I use on FF: uBlock, NoScript, Ghostery.

    We know that uBlock works.
    Do you have any experience with NoScript and Ghostery? Or any equal substitute?

  • Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker
    GifMe (Extract gifs from Twitter and others)
    Imgur Uploader
    Im Translator (Translate with Google, Bing and Translator)
    Lunapic Right Click Edit
    RevEye Reverse Image Search (5 search engines)
    uBlock Origin (the best adblocker in Chrome store)
    View Image Info (Properties) (Firefox have this funktion,, but not Chrome/Chromium)
    WOT (Web Of Trust)
    Yellow Highlighter Pen for Web (Mark text in diferent colors and share)

    For screenshots, better than all of the extensions, a small utility for desktop (Intercept PrntScr)
    Postimage, screenshots, edit, upload, share and host for images up to 10 Mb

  • Following up on "" link, this site does not require any extensions or software:

    Liked the Dr.Web AV tip Catweazle!
    Have a good personal opinion of Adguard as alternative to uBlock and Adblock.

  • @danielson:

    Following up on "" link, this site does not require any extensions or software:

    Liked the Dr.Web AV tip Catweazle!
    Have a good personal opinion of Adguard as alternative to uBlock and Adblock.

    Yes, I know, but postimage is better and works offline (scrennshots of desktop, tutorials, etc.). AdGuard is a good adblocker, but like others uses many system resources, not so uBlock

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi is mostly web scripts. NoScript has been seen in the past to block it from loading altogether. Use at your own risk.

  • Apart is a good practice only activating the extensions that intends to use.

  • Nice to see what others use.
    My list for Vivaldi looks like this…

    Chrome Store
    Google Translate
    Text Link
    uBlock Origin
    Vanilla Cookie Manager

    Opera Store
    RSS Detector
    Smart RSS

    Restore O12 space bar behavior

  • I'm using these extensions:

    uBlock Origin

    Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

    HP Smart Print
    Print Friendly & PDF
    Print or PDF with CleanPrint
    Read Mode

    Google Docs Offline
    Evernote Web Clipper
    Save to Pocket
    Sortly (a Feedly extension)
    Colorable Feedly

  • Auto-Refresh

  • The ones I'm currently using are:

    Ublock Origin,
    No Youtube Comments,
    Tumblr Savior,
    XKit 7.

    They're all working!

  • Doesn't anyone use HTTPS://Everywhere? Does it work? They have it for FF, Opera & Chrome.

    I was soooo fond of Opera's built-in ad blocking (cloud/server side) I struggled to change to Vivaldi - but here I am. Despite that Opera has also built-in VPN! Huh.. But I came after larger possibilities of power user options and tab stacking! Albeit little disappointed that tab stacking isn't SO great what it was on Opera 12 - but meh, Vivaldi's is still awesome!

    So… I decided that I want cloud/server ad-blocking in Vivaldi! I don't want resource hungry extensions doing the blocking at my end, filling my pipeline with trash ads! Not to mention that extensions can record ALL browser activity.

    So I changed DNS servers in router to those of OpenDNS - they block ads cloud/server side. Alternate DNS blocks as well but they're not so fast... ComodoDNS is in preparation of possibly starting to block ads, and Comodo should be quite safe as well. ComodoDNS is as fast as OpenDNS.

  • I forgot, Opera's VPN is the same as SurfEasy VPN extension - I hope it works in Vivaldi! (Either Opera or Chrome version).

  • I just use vivaldi://net-internals/#hsts for the few sites i want to enforce using https instead of http. Add a doman, check subdomains, done. You can then delete it whenever you don't need it, and query if one is in the list or not yet. No plugin needed.

  • With DDOS attacks, maybe we won't have to worry about switching DNS anymore ha!
    There just won't be any internet!

    are doing just fine on latest 1.5.638.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Thanks iAN CooG, I'll take a look.

    However I do want to use https as much as possible, so the extension might be more for me. It's made by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) - trusted by privacy advocates throughout the world.

    I think the extension does http/https locally… Similarly to such as uBlock Origin which fetch lists from server and blocks locally.

    Cloud/server ad blocking would be best as ad blocking is very resource hoggy!

    danielson, I just recently changed from my ISP's DNS to certain servers of OpenNIC, some of the DNS of OpenNIC has DNSCrypt (which I'm using) - so all my DNS traffic is now encrypted!

    Just get into OpenNIC website and join the (webchat)irc. User "d0wn" has DNSCrypt DNS servers all around the world! Speeds are same ore close to those of ISP, and faster than OpenDNS!!!


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