Some issues I've found on Vivaldi

  • I saw the AMA on Reddit about Vivaldi and decided to give it a try. Vivaldi is interesting and gives a new approach to surfing the web. But moving on: - I've imported the Chrome settings, history and password and at least 1 password was imported from an old Chrome password file or from the Keychain because it was shorter than the actual one. I've checked it and indeed it was the old password. I've only discovered this because I got an login error login into a site. Then I deleted all passwords and imported again and I believe it was good now (or I've copied the password from Chrome, can't remember), but... - ... I couldn't login into AliExpress, nor another forum where the login & password boxes are empty/not with my user/email. So I've pressed the Down arrow key, in the user box and both the user & pass showed the correct content. Pressed the Login button with the mouse button/trackpad but got an login error?? I've even tested by putting the correct user and see if the password would populate below, but I got another login error, now the password. So I changed the password field to text to see if the password was correct, which it was, but still didn't work... So by pure "let's try this, to see if this s*** works" I've used the Tab key to go through the fields to the Login button, pressed the Spacebar and Voilà!!! So I think this is a bug and I am reporting it. - A small visual bug I've found on the password list [attachment=3200]passwords.jpg[/attachment] Some rows where the URL + login are too big, the Delete Button become oval (first 2 rows) and not circular (last row). - Also the Options/Settings window doesn't close with Cmd + W, which it should on OS X. It only works with mouse click on the red /X button. - It's a pity that Vivaldi take ~2.5 sec to open or open new windows (MBA 2013, El Cap), because I'm want to use Vivaldi daily and this delay is a bit annoying. And I love to see all the loading information on the address bar when a site is loading. It lets me see my bandwidth being wasted by some lazy development... :angry: ... or someone who wants to use all the javascript in the world, but doesn't improve the user experience much. :( - Also, where can I change the language in Vivaldi? Using Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 Attachments: [img][/img]

    • Having no windows open, won't let you open a New Private Window straight away.
      You need to open a New Window and then open a New Private Window.

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