Gmail 'pop message to new window' shortcut doesn't work

  • In Chrome, you can SHIFT+CLICK on the little 'popout' icon when creating a new message in Gmail. This is really handy to open the message in a new window when you need to refer to various other tabs. But in Vivaldi, it just opens a new tab - not the normal behaviour. I know it would then be possible to move that tab to a new window, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a shortcut! In addition, if you do follow the 'Move to → New Window' menu, it opens a new window with a single tab and a blank page - it doesn't load the draft Gmail message. Really, I think Gmail intend this to be a very lightweight 'chromeless' window - at least that's what you get on Chrome - more like a popup dialogue window. Can this be done in Vivaldi?

  • I would love to see this too. Gmail messages and Hangouts have the option to pop them out into a new window, but not in Vivaldi.

  • This is sill an outstanding pain point for me.


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