Slow LastPass login

  • Hi, I'm experiencing a large delay between when I enter my credentials for LastPass and when I actually get logged in (1 minute and 39 seconds) and I [b]think[/b] it may be related to the number of Password Iterations in LastPass but I'm not sure. I have it set to 20000 while the recommended is 5000 but even if I set it to 5000 it takes a long time to login through the extension. I tried logging in through Google Chrome and it took ~2 seconds. Is anyone else experiencing this or know of any workaround?

  • Hi, I'm having the same problem.. though my login takes noticeably less time (around 10 seconds). I've found that if you take the focus off the sign in pop up, it logs in quicker. My password iteration setting is set to 5000. Maybe I'll try a higher value and report back.
    I'm also noticing quite a bit of lag when initially opening the lastpass menu via its button. This occurs before and after login.

    Edit: Switching from 5 to 20k had a noticeable difference. Sometimes, Vivaldi crashed on login. I suspect the devs are aware of this as some other issues with LastPass have been reported but who knows.


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