Mouse Pointer type changes (minor)

  • I've just started using this impressive browser, but on one of the sites I regularly visit I noticed an anomaly in the mouse pointer. I noticed this on the Deviant Art website. When an image can be magnified, the pointer shows a magnifying glass type with a plus sign (+). When an image is at maximum, the pointer changes to a magnifying glass type with a minus sign (-). According to the inspector, the relevant CSS is; cursor: -webkit-zoom-in; and cursor: -webkit-zoom-out; Firefox (which I used prior) used the CSS rule; cursor: -moz-zoom-in/out; With other browsers, the pointer type switch happen immediately, but with Vivaldi, the change to the pointer type does not happen until the pointer moves in response to the motion of the mouse. Very minor. Just thought I could bring it to your attention. Platform: Win 7 Home - Vivaldi 64bit


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