Changing (or hiding) my Locale or Broswer Preferred Language

  • Just to make it clearer: I'm not talking about the browser UI language. Nowadays, a lot of websites change their content based on the user locale. Google will present us with local resutls instead of international results, websites will offer a translated version of their webpage, etc. I hate that. I want my internet to be international, not national. In the old (pre-Chromium) Opera browsers, I could easily change my locale by setting it in the user preferences. Just setting it to English-US did the trick easily. In the current Firefox browser, I can also achieve this effect with a combination of settings, like "[b]ui.locale.hidden=true[/b]", "[b]intl.accept_languages=en,en-gb[/b]", etc. Is there so me way of achieving this in Vivaldi? Thanks!

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    You can start Vivaldi with a commandline parameter.
    For example like:```

    More granulated locale switching will be added in Vivaldi next time.

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