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  • Hello there, I saw a post about Vivaldi on FB a few days ago and decided to test it, and I really loved it. But something did bother me a little: the layout is not that eye friendly (at least for me) with that sharp square tabs. I think new users would embrace a new browser even more if the changes were less impactful, especially those coming from Chrome, which has that round-edged layout. Another suggestion is to make the Vivaldi Icon a little more round, like, every other browser has a round icon (image). I think it helps to understand the flow of the internet data (what?), and is more eye friendly. Last but not least, users should have an option the choose a color for the tabs/address bar, instead of only light/dark/website color modes. Anyways, I've been really happy with Vivaldi and been advertising to all of my friends (lol) Please, let me know what do you think about these suggestions. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/77451/BrowserIcons.png[/img]

  • Personally I love the square Vivaldi interface and wouldn't like rounded corners at all.

    The square Vivaldi icon is a beautiful graphic, but I prefer using Yosemite style icons on my Mac dock. Attached is a Vivaldi icon I created in .icns and .png if you would like to use it.

    I can't attach .icns. You can convert the .png at iConvert Icons:


    You can alter address bar, tab colors, and much more using custom CSS. Mine are a girly pink. See this topic:


  • Thank you very much, helped me alot. I'm already playing with the CSS files 🙂
    But i didn't find out how to change the default icon. How did you make it?

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