Change (or disable) Mousewheel Zoom shortcut?

  • Hello, I know this has been quite a heated debate between Windows users (used to zoom in on a page with CTRL+Mousewheel) and Mac/Linux users (used to zoom with CTRL+SHIFT+Mousewheel). And I don't want to restart that debate as everyone should be able to do as he/she pleases. Personally it's a real pain to have CTRL+Mousewheel zoom on the page as I'm using an Apple Magic Mouse and every single time I try to open a link in a new tab (CTRL+click) it zooms in (or out) on the page. Is there a way that I cannot seem to find to change the shortcut to zoom with the mousewheel?? If not, would it be possible to implement that, or simply a setting to disable zooming with the mousewheel altogether (I wouldn't mind using only keyboard shortcuts for that) Anyway thanks and always kudos for all the work! Fred "Bafforosso"

  • I agree. This is a problem for me, too.


  • I found a solution using Karabiner on the Mac. You can create a custom rule in private.xml with the following to strip the modifier functionality (this is just for the Left command modifier but you can adapt as needed). Hope this helps.

    <name>Disable Mouse Wheel Zoom in Vivaldi</name>
    <appendix>CMD_L+ScrollWheel to ScrollWheel (strip CMD)</appendix>
    <autogen>StripModifierFromScrollWheel ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L</autogen>

  • At least in Windows version there is a checkbox for disabling Ctrl+Scroll to zoom (Settings/Web pages)

  • I think having "hold right mouse button + wheel" to zoom would both be more convenient and solve the above issues.

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