HiDPI scaling not taking effect

  • Using a 4k monitor and I've set the user interface scaling to 150%. However, every new page loads at 100% and I have to manually set it to 150%. Does anyone else experience this or know of a fix? SaXa

  • I do not use 4K monitor but I have the same issue with scaling: when I set the scaling to something different than 100%, it does not stick to a page.
    I have to set it again whenever I open the page anew.

  • @eliminyro, just to make sure this is not a confusion about the two different modes that Vivaldi has for remembering the zoom level for websites: when you go to Vivaldi Preferences->Webpages, there is the slightly cryptically named option Use Tab Zoom:

    When Use Tab Zoom is on, Vivaldi does not remember the zoom level for specific websites, but keeps it constant within the current tab. For example, you go to abc.com and set zoom to 120%, if you then go to def.com in the same tab, zoom will still be at 120%, but if you open a new window and go to abc.com it will be at the default zoom level again and not remember the previously set 120%.

    When Use Tab Zoom is off (which is what I prefer, but not the default setting) Vivaldi permanently remembers the zoom level for each website. For example, you go to abc.com and change zoom to 120%, if you then go to def.com in the same tab, the zoom level will revert to the default zoom level (assuming you never changed the zoom level for def.com), but if you open a new window (or close Vivaldi in the meantime) and go to abc.com, the 120% you set previously will be remembered.

    Is it possible that you expected the behavior you get with Use Tab Zoom off, but the option was still turned on because that is the default?

  • @NSSynapse, most likely. I have looked at the tick today and thought that I ask about it here. Thank you for clarification.


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