Web Panel suggestions for improvements

  • The web panel feature is very cool indeed, but in my opinion it requires some additional work. [ol] [li]It should be somehow visible by extensions. There are websites that are rendered badly in a small panel, but with some CSS hacking (like with Stylebot) all the necessary elements can be moved to the right place. However, the new styles do not get applied to web panel. For example multitran.ru could look much better in a Web panel, if you just add {display:none} to some elements. [/li] [li]There should be shortcut/button which opens web-panel website in the new tab [/li] [li]Maybe it is possible to add some customization for web-panel content. Because even very popular services like Gmail are awfully rendered. [/li] [/ol]

  • I think that the Web Panels should be able to be individually sized.

    For example, my Feedly panel needs to be as big as I can get it, but my downloads tab does't need to be that big along with it.

  • I agree with OP, extensions in web panels would rock, at least enable adblockers.


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