Missing bookmark options and other bugs

  • As a former Opera 12.18 user, I am missing the following options and features: - "Add current page to bookmarks" in the context menu when you right-click on a page I consider this to be an essential feature of any browser, so I cannot believe that this shouldn't exist in a beta3 version. I am aware that it is possible to drag a link to the bookmark bar, but even that way I can only create a new "top-level" bookmark, but not add the current URL to an existing folder - "Save link as bookmark" in the context menu when you right-click on a link - edit saved bookmarks: currently you can only delete existing bookmarks, but not alter them?! - Under Windows 8.1 and 10, no registry entry is created in the branch HKLM/Software/Clients/StartMenuInternet, so when I click on a link in my email program Pegasus Mail, Vivaldi won't be found. I know that there is a workaround which consists in inporting that branch from a Windows 7 system; but unfortunately I don't have such a system at hand. - Open a link in a new tab by holding the Shift key pressed and left-click on that link. Yes, I know, there is a gesture for that, but I find that option unintuitive. Sorry in case I shouldn't have picked the correct wordings for the menu items: I am using the localized German versions of both Vivaldi 1.0.403.24 and Opera. As to everything else: thanks to the programmers for the great job they have done so far! :cheer:

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    Some short answer to your quests? 😉
    1. see contxt menu of tab
    I personally dislike pollutiong context menu of webpage content (not tab!) with many features.
    2. Yes, i agree, that is a nice-to-have
    3. You can alter bookmarks in bookmark manager or panel
    4. No, if you install Vivaldi for All users there will be such setting if you set Vivaldi as Default browser
    5. Shift LMB works in Vivaldi to open URL in new tab, Ctrl LMB in background tab

    Please try current Latest Snapshot from https://vivaldi.net/en-US, your Beta 403 is very, very old 😉


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