No Tab Preview (miniature) when tabs on righ/left side (as option)

  • I always loved the option of having my tabs on the right side in old Opera and I'm totally greatful that you allowed this in Vivaldi. However there is a kind of discrepancy: - with tabs on top/bottom you have them small, without tab preview (miniture) - when tabs are on the left/right side, you have the miniatures. Now I know that some people may like this preview for a quick glance, however I prefer the sleak minimalistic design of a classic tab. And when you have more of them open, this miniature becomes useless. So please give an option to turn these tab preview/miniature off. Anyways: TONS OF LOVE FOR YOUR MAGNIFICENT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • it would be nice if - when tabs on tle left/right - the tabs 'column' width was adjustable, just as it used to be in Opera :)

  • I can verify that the preview only works on tabs to the left.

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