Is the latest Vivaldi Browser Beta Secure like Firefox or Chrome?

  • I am a newbie to this forum and to Vivaldi browser as I always liked Opera until they changed various components. Therefore I am nostalgic for the old Opera... meaning Vivaldi. I downloaded the 64bit version as my PC is 64bit. Opera does not have 64bit. I have customized Vivaldi to much the way I want it, with Roboform and Adblock added, and imported all my bookmarks from Firefox. So far so good. Now the question I have is being that Vivaldi is a work in progress, would it be safe to say that it is secure as Firefox or Chrome, or being beta, it still has some security flaws? I use 64bit Firefox and Chrome because they are stable and relatively secure but no one here talks about Vivaldi being a secure browser. Please advise, as I do like it and want to use it. If I missed the article or the wording, please direct me to it. Regardless, continued success on the browser development.

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    The engine is Chromiun 49. It is as secure as Chromium 49, plus there are a couple of ways the browser UI is even more secure.


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