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  • Does anyone of you have Magic Actions for Youtube running (and fully working) in Vivaldi? For me, the additional symbol in the adressbar on youtube-pages is present and works as an additional fast-access menu for some vivaldi- and its own settings. But everything (I've tested) modifying youtube had no effect.

  • All extension (crx packaged from google) that involve youtube have problems in chromium browsers in my experience.
    So the best chance is to enable "developer mode" in extension page
    Then you should download, outside the store, an extension which has similar functions to the one you try to use, like youtube center.
    Unpack archive in a folder and try to load (in extension page, first button on left, point to where you put extension folder).
    You'll get a message you enabled developer extensions. If you agree, simply ignore that.

  • I just didn't want to keep this topic in a way that it tells MA4YT still doesn't work in Vivaldi:

    I installed the most recent Vivaldi.1.5.658.44.exe (32-Bit-Version) on a Win10 64-Bit and simply added it from Chrome Store and it seems to work fine:

    So... thanks to Vivaldi-Team or Magic Actions for YouTube-Team or whoever made it work! 🙂

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    @Rhino_Cracker Strange, I've been using Magic Actions for YouTube since Vivaldi 1.2 (or 1.1, or 1.3, I don't remember exactly) and it always worked fine (with occasional, minor issues only).


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