Disk thrashing

  • Can something be done about the thrashing of the hard drive that the Chromium engine does? People have complained to Google about his for years. For example, starting the browsers with cleaned cache, all extensions disabled and the same page. Cyberfox https://imgur.com/g53d3Su Vivaldi (with phishing and malware protection disabled) https://imgur.com/Dm5gVf8 I'm going to assume the Reads are the use of virtual memory which the Gecko browser didn't use at all yet performed virtually the same. This excessive use of the hard drive creates unnecessary wear. If I remember correctly, (Presto) Opera had options to limit the the disk space used for cache and such. Can something like that be implemented with Vivaldi?

  • Thank you but growing cache was not really the problem I am addressing. Resource usage is as it pertains to the constant use of virtual memory. My understanding is that virtual memory is there to save the system from crashing, not to be used by a web browser to load every single page you visit. Chromium seems to use it no matter the amount of physical memory available.

    I'm hoping Vivaldi will implement some sort of disk usage control to the end user because it's clear Google does not care as you can find many complaints year after year regrading this problem.

  • I see the same issue. The screenshot attached shows that the highest disk-write processes are associated with Vivaldi. The HDD activity LED is solid and rarely flashes. I close Vivaldi, sometimes having to kill the process, things calm down instantly.

    EDIT: In case the image is not clear or large enough, the point is that the Resource Monitor clearly shows that Vivaldi is writing a LOT of data to the HDD, far more reads and writes than any other exe. Its all going to the Top-Sites and Top-Sites-Journal logs.

  • I am using Vivaldi 1.4 on Windows 10, experiencing the same high disk activity!

  • Same here with 1.4.589.11 (64-Bit) using Blink 537.36 (@7c25ae780f027858c14647dbf3bdda46a5d2f62e)

  • better use an external site for images, like imgur, the attached images here are unreadable due to extreme shrinking.

  • Thanks for pointing out this ridiculous behaviour:


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