Disable smooth scrolling

  • Hi! Am I doing something wrong, or is it really the case that the latest versions of Vivaldi ignore the Smooth Scrolling option? I like to have this off, but as far as I can tell, this option is now ignored when using PageUp/PageDown - the webpage scrolls oh-so-slowly (less than a second, perhaps less than half a second, but still annoying). I am sure it used to be the case that the PageDown would replace the page immediately. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

  • Page Up/Page Down seems to scroll pretty instantly for me.
    Any particular web page you're seeing the problem on?

  • @Dave-H:

    Any particular web page you're seeing the problem on?

    All of them.
    It is unlikely to be page-specific, as I only have a handful of extensions and all scripting and plugins are disabled.

  • Hi, pageup/pagedown is working fine or me.

    But with my scrolling wheel (logitech mx revolution), when I change the Smooth scrolling OFF (with restart of vivaldi) it is still turned ON. 😞 Tried it several times now. No change in behaviour.

    Previously it worked perfectly. Would you guys please look into that?

  • Hi, user sushubh on snapshot page has found great workaround!

    Just change it in the "Flags page" - vivaldi://flags/#disable-smooth-scrolling

    Thank you very much!


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