Feature Request

  • Hi! I'm not even sure if that's the right place for it, or even if anyone cares. But I've launched Vivaldi, and there are some things that I miss: 1. Don't know exactly how to describe it... But, Im using Debian as my main OS, and im used to use secondary clipboard (I copy with selecting text, and I paste using middle mouse button). On "old" Opera I was able to "paste" from my secondary clipboard any text anywhere(empty space, not link, or form filed) on any webpage and it did paste in addres bar and "go" there. If it was text it googled it, if it was url then it was opened. By pasting using middle button on button to open new tab I would open new tab with that text/url. 2. It would be nice if addres bar would dissapear while scrolling down webpage. Just like chrome on Android does.

  • Hey, you should post your request in the other Feature Request post so it has more visibility.


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