Why so hard to make an easy browser?

  • 3 hours. I have been looking for, searching, trying, discovering new web browsers; any browser that let me choose the option to not switch to newly opened tab. IE, FF, GC, OP, all of them, no any option... Except Maxthon, but I do not use it, because of the problem I will mention down there. - Make the option for user to decide to switch or to not switch to newly clicked-activated tab. Please look at this web page (Warning some NSFW ads!): [color=#ff0000]http://btkitty.ws/search/K8ssS8xJyQQA/1/0/0.html[/color] See there ad infested web design, especially .swf and that floating flash thing? I have tried other web browsers' flash block/ad block extensions, but the thing is still floating without showing any image, or the empty frames are still there. I have tried the options of Google Chrome, Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Maxthon and other Chromium engine based browsers and all of them failed to not show any image. Only Opera has an option that 'do not show any image' and voila! an image free-cpu eating free web page. - Flash, Java, Video, Sound, Iamge, Frame... let user be able to choose to disable them. - Resizeable Speed Dial, Bookmarks tabs are must. - RSS feed section is a must - Windows 10 style color theme change can be sweet. Make It Vivaldi

  • Hi, some of the features are already in Vivaldi:
    Tools, Plugins en/disable Flash for example (vivaldi://plugins)
    Do not show any image is per page/host in bottom toolbar next scaling.
    Use latest snapshot, Beta is old lately.

    Cheers, mib

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    Making a browser that's easy to use is not so hard. The hard part is satisfying everyone and teaching them how to use it.

    Middle-click or Ctrl + Click to open links in background tabs.


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