User Defined Custom Menue

  • Hi, I need to open a website in combinaton of a text selection. For it, I tried to change the right-click-context-menue like Opera 12 and changed the bundle.js like this: H.contextMenus.removeAll(function(){ ... H.contextMenus.create({id:"test2",title:F("Test 2"),contexts:["selection"]},function(){H.runtime.lastError&&console.warn("contextMenus.create failed:",H.runtime.lastError)}.bind(e)), ... H.contextMenus.onClicked.addListener(function(t,n){e.state.hasFocus&&( ... "test2"===t.menuItemId?P.addByUrl(""+t.selectionText): ... This opens a new-WebPanel. But how can I open a new tab or window? Any Ideas ? Thaks a lot and sorry for my bad English H.


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