Easy to use Adblock/private browsing when?

  • I like the browser, reminds me alot of the new Yandex with a little more custom ability. However the lack of easy to trigger ad block and lack of private browsing security features make it not a browser I can use as my main browser. Any word on these issues? I've seen some yourtube vid's etc. but it seems it is cumbersome I just want to add a TPL/Adblock plugin and click "on" with no hassles.

  • Bueller?

    This is a pretty bid deal breaker for using a web browser on a daily basis, hope the devs make this a priority

  • No way this browser is going to take of and be highly used without an easy to enable ad block

  • Dude, I dont understand you. As far as I see you can easily install adblock or ublock via extension. And private browsing ist possible as well. Am I wrong?

  • How? I tried installing extensions and it just downloads a flat file instead of adding the extension to the browser, I searched this forum and their apparently is some complicated process to get it to work. Why can't I just I just easily install the extension and have it work?

    Also where is the private browsing option? I can't find it anywhere in settings?

    Also what is the deal with the lack of pinch to zoom on a touch device?

  • Adding extensions is easy, not sure why you are having problems. Go to the Chrome store, search (for example uBlock Origin), add to chrome, done. You can confirm that it is running by going to, Manage Extensions and you will see that it is enabled.

    Unfortunately, they don't have private tabs yet but you can open a Private window. I'm using the horizontal menu and Private window is right under File->New Private Window.

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    Extensions are much better supported now, in version 1.0.390.3, than they were in version 1.0.344. What version number are you using?

    see: https://vivaldi.net/

    One merely goes to the Chrome store and installs what one wants. The most highly touted adblock extension among users here is ublock, but it seems some are using AdBlock (kewl) or AdBlock Plus (not so kewl.)

    I personally don't use and never have used an ad blocker. It's just one more layer of things that can go wrong.


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